Titan Industries

Oil & Gas

Titan Solutions cut its teeth in the upstream oil & gas sector.  We remain actively engaged with clients located in the Northern Colorado production areas – often referred to as the “DJ Basin”.

Employment in the oil & gas – and mining industry offers highly competitive. Wages and benefits, especially in rural or remote areas continue to rise. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), wages for coal miners are 30% higher than the wage earned by the average American.

Safety remains a top priority and #1 business issue for organizations in the mining sector. World markets both on the supply side and the demand side provide large swings in cost pressure and revenue opportunity. Trading organizations and hedge funds influence prices. In particular, costs of fossil fuel including natural gas, petroleum oil, and coal are significantly influenced by supply/demand along with expectations of future markets.

Within the energy sector, alternate sources of fuel and energy may warrant a degree of consideration by many oil & gas organizations. All forms of mining require expensive capital investments, and frequently depend on the use of specialized contracting firms or sub-contracting organizations for portions of the day-to-day operations.
Talent acquisition, cost of talent, and related topics are increasingly becoming top-of-mind business issues faced by oil & gas organizations and other mining operations. As Baby-Boomers near retirement age, a talent gap widens in most energy-based companies and mining operations.

Market uncertainty, public opinion, cost pressures, government regulation, and globalization each impact the oil & gas sector as well as other mineral mining operations.
At Titan, we take these global marketing considerations into account while delivering local services – high quality, competitively priced, and at the time of need.

State of Colorado

Directly, and through our affiliate network, we honor the procurement processes and requirements described in the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and Access Colorado.

Ask for our Colorado State sales support and operations team by dialing 844-99-TITAN.

Municipal Government

Our Municipal Government focus is primarily within Northern Colorado.  We welcome opportunities to serve city, county, and utility-sector clients.

Our field service specialists are adept at working in Northern Colorado weather conditions – year round.  Our support teams assist with construction lighting, selected ready-initiatives, safety and control measures, as well as consultation for containment systems.

Equipment rental – such as lifts, generators, and pumps – are useful supplements as on-call, or on-the-ready subcontracting services to larger suppliers.


As a support team, Titan Energy Services provides extra manpower, equipment, and specialized expertise as a sub-contractor to some nationally and locally recognized brands.


Industrial client needs include Weld County agricultural needs, the wholesale trade, manufacturing, construction, and utilities (including waste management).